Referendum Information Open House - Sept. 23
Referendum Information Open House - Sept. 23
Posted on 09/12/2014

The community is invited to attend an Information Open House on September 23 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Henry Sibley High School to learn more about the November 4 referendum for Technology, Security and a multi-use athletic stadium.

District representatives will be on hand to explain the ballot requests and answer questions. 

The District 197 School Board has placed three funding questions on the Nov. 4 ballot:

  • Question 1: Request a renewal and increase of the Technology (Capital Projects) Levy to $1.2 million annually for 10 years that would be used to:
    • Equip classrooms with technology for students so that skilled teachers can:
      • personalize learning – give teachers the ability to adjust the content, pace and approach to learning based on individual student needs.
      • incorporate relevant and current online educational resources into their lessons.
      • facilitate online testing and assessment, which can provide immediate feedback to teachers and students regarding progress and mastery of material.
      • prepare students for college and careers after graduation.
    • Maintain and replace current technology systems, hardware and infrastructure (servers, phones, websites, devices, etc.)
  • Question 2: Request approval of a Building Bond for Security of $3.2 million that would be used to:
    • Update and improve security at all school buildings by adding cameras, remodeling the front entrances to all schools and upgrading features like lockdown buttons and more.
  • Question 3*: Request approval of a Building Bond of $4.5 million that would be used to:
    • Construct a multi-use athletic facility on the campus of Henry Sibley High School

If voters approve all three ballot questions, the tax impact to a district homeowner with a home value of $200,000 would be approximately $32 per year ($2.67 per month).

*Passage of question three is contingent upon the passage of both questions one and two.

More information, including voter registration materials and additional details regarding the tax impact to homeowners, is available on the District website at

Email or call the referendum hotline at 651-403-7557.