Kindergarten - Engineering with the Gingerbread Man
Engineering with the Gingerbread Man
Posted on 12/18/2013

This week the Kindergarten classes at Pilot Knob were challenged with two very important questions:

1) What happens when we put a gingerbread cookie in water?  
2) How can we design a boat for a gingerbread man?

The students have been reading and listening to Gingerbread Man stories throughout the week. Students have also been performing experiments to see what happens when a gingerbread cookie is placed in water.  

The kindergarteners quickly discovered that the Gingerbread Man dissolves, which led to creating a boat for him to sail in across the river.  

This lesson is a great example of how teachers are incorporating STEM, Literacy, and the Engineering Design Process into their lessons at an age-appropriate level each day.

Learn more about how Pilot Knob teachers incorporate the STEM magnet theme into their classroom at

Gingerbread Man 1

Gingerbread Man 2

Gingerbread Man 3

Gingerbread Man 4