Pilot Knob students explore STEM in elective classes
Pilot Knob students explore their STEM interests in elective classes
Posted on 02/27/2014
STEM Sparks
These 3rd and 4th grade students chose to take the STEM Sparks
class "Sailing and Knots" with Mr. Benson during the winter session.

Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade at Pilot Knob STEM Magnet recently completed their winter session of STEM Sparks — elective courses that relate to science, technology, engineering and math. STEM Sparks is a unique tradition at Pilot Knob that provides elementary students with the opportunity to choose a subject they're interested in pursuing. 

Students also have the opportunity to learn and socialize with students in different grades. On Tuesdays, students in Kindergarten through grade 2 take STEM classes together, and on Fridays, students in 3rd and 4th join together.

Pilot Knob's Magnet Facilitator Nick Gross said students love their STEM Sparks classes and like how the elective classes provide a change of routine.

"I always have students stop me on their way into school and ask, 'Do we have STEM sparks today?'" Gross said. "These classes give students a chance to explore other areas of STEM that they normally wouldn't experience in their regular class periods."  

The spring session of STEM Sparks starts March 6. Some of the classes that will be offered include "Curious George Engineering," "Volcanoes," "Microscopic Explorations," "Science Drawing and Journaling," "The Secrets of Code," and much, much more. 

While students are having fun during STEM Sparks, teachers hope they may discover a lasting interest.

"We want students to start seeing connections between their 'spark' and the things they are learning in their core classes," Gross said. "This may lead them onto an educational or career path that they may have never considered without experiencing it in the Sparks classes at Pilot Knob."